Friday, February 10, 2017

Christmas in NYC (circa 2015) Day 3

Sunday was a much more low key day for us than we'd had the previous two days. Since we had been out late, we slept in until almost 11. By the time we moseyed on out, we were ready for lunch and found us a pizza place.

After we ate, we went over to Chelsea Market. It was neat to wander around and check out all of the little shops. 

From there we went in search of the Friends apartment building. I was pretty excited to get a photo in front of it. I am not ashamed of being a tourist.

We spent a good bit of time wandering around Greenwich Village after this. I love how charming everything is in this part of town.

We eventually popped into a tiny little restaurant and took advantage of a happy hour special at the bar. By the time we left, it was dark so we went back toward the heart of town. We wandered down 34th Street, checked out the Christmas decorations at Macy's, and enjoyed some of the other decorations around town.

We ended up eating some food from a street vendor for dinner. It wasn't great, but what can you do?

We headed back to our hotel and watched a little tv before calling it a night. We had plans we needed to be up early for in the morning.

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Keri said...

You in front of the Friends building (which I love by the way!) reminds me of when Ken and I were in San Fran and I wanted to see the Full House house. He told me he would drive by if I could find the address and before he could finish his sentence, I blurted out the address that I had memorized and we put it in the GPS. We drove by, and Ken refused to stop because he was so ashamed at my memorizing the address (1709 Broderick in case you are curious). We laugh about it all the time!