Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Our Son is NINE!

A few weeks ago, Connor turned nine! I can't believe that Adam and I have a little man now. It's so crazy remembering what a little squirt he was at age four when Adam and I started dating compared to what he's like now!

This year, Connor wasn't with us on his actual birthday, so we spent the weekend before it celebrating. We're actually not even done because my sister has been sick off and on over the last few weeks, so she hasn't had a chance to celebrate with him yet. I think a special dinner with her is forthcoming.

On Friday night, we took Connor to The Melting Pot for the first time. He LOVED it! We let him order a Shirley Temple as a "mocktail," and we did a cheese and a dessert course. It was a hit!! It made for something fun and different that we could do to celebrate.

On Saturday, Gram came to town to celebrate the birthday boy. It was also a few days until her birthday, so after hanging out together around the house we went downtown to eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We all love this place, but it's not somewhere we go often since it's downtown. We even got to sit in the trolley, a first for all four of us!

On Sunday, Adam and I gave Connor a few presents from us. Adam has adopted an animal through WWF each year for Connor on his birthday, and a few years ago we started picking the animal as a family. This year's selection - a panda!

He loves the new stuffed panda, and he opened his other gifts with it safely tucked under his arm.

Later that night, Nana and Papa came over to have another birthday dinner at a favorite mexican restaurant. We told them it was Connor's birthday, and he had fun when they sang, brought him dessert, gave him a sombrero to wear, and put a little whip cream on his face.

We got to hang out for a little bit, and then sadly the weekend of fun was over.

I'm so thankful to be this kid's stepmom, and I love watching him grow up. It's exciting to think that next year he will be a decade old!

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