Saturday, February 11, 2017

Race Report: Cupid's Chase 2.11.17

This morning, Adam and I completed our February race at the Cupid's Chase 5K.

For the second month in a row, we had decent weather for a "winter" race. It was cloudy, but it was also close to 60 degrees. It was a pretty small race with just a little over 100 runners. With a certified course in Shelby Bottoms, I knew it would be a flat course. Adam and I decided to each run our own race and see how we could do. In the grand scheme of things, we've been running again for about 6 weeks. We knew we weren't going to break any records, but we figured it'd be a good test to see where we're at and to measure against as we improve this year.

We were able to quickly get our numbers, shirts, and goody bags. They asked if you were available or unavailable, and your shirt was marked as such. While this is cute, those of us unavailable folks got a white shirt whereas the available got red shirts. I was a little bummed to have a super thin white shirt, but it was nice that it was long-sleeved.

Our goody bags were pretty full, but other than the Preds koozies there wasn't much that we were interesting in keeping. What was really strange was that our race medals were in the bag. We thought it was neat when we signed up that they were giving out medals, but it seemed odd to give them to us in a goody bag.

We took everything to the car and then went to find a bathroom. They had this super nice trailer port-a-potty that was like being in a real bathroom. It was super neat, but they only had one for each gender which meant long lines, even with so few runners.

Soon it was time to line up, and we were off! I felt pretty good from the beginning, in part because of the perfect weather. However, I was shocked when I got to the first mile in 8:48! I knew I had probably started too fast, but what can you do?

Another strange thing was that there were no mile markers. I've run a lot of races, and I can't say I've ever run one without mile markers. Good thing I had my watch!

I managed to slow down a bit and ran a 9:15 for the second mile. I started feeling the burn a little bit, but I wanted to keep pushing myself. I hit mile three in 9:16, so at least I was consistent in those last two miles!

I crossed the finish line in 28:50 and had to take a few minutes to catch my breath. It's a far cry from my PR, but considering I haven't really been a true runner in a while, I'll take it!

I saw a friend finish and then we chatted while we waited for his girlfriend to finish and then Adam. I was really proud of Adam for improving his time over our January race, too.

We enjoyed some refreshments, and I found out I placed 3rd in my age group, and not by default! There were four others behind me. :) However, we soon found out they were only giving awards to the 1st place finished in each age group. (Lame.)

We headed home, and I took a photo with my medal to celebrate my age group finish!

All in all, we really enjoyed the race. They could improve by having mile markers and giving out medals at the actual finish line, but for a small race it was pretty well managed.

We're looking forward to our March race in just a few weeks!

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