Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Thursday at Hollywood Studios

We spent all day Thursday at Hollywood Studios. Even though we had been over there a few times for some meals and to ride the Tower of Terror, we hadn't really spent much time in the park all week. Today was the day to do it all!

We started out with Fast Passes for the Rockin' Rollercoaster.

Little man was a little nervous. He correctly deduced from the exterior of the building that the roller coaster would go upside down, and he expressed he did not want to do this. Before anyone thinks we're terrible parents, remember that I mentioned in an earlier post we've learned Connor does fine when you don't give him any reason to think he should be nervous/scared. We just went on and on about how we couldn't remember if it goes upside down but that we know it's super fun and he'd love it. We think that sometimes you have to teach kids how to have fun. They won't learn if they don't try fun things!

The second we got inside where he could see the car shoot off going 0 to 60, he was excited! His eyes got so big when he saw it do that the first time. Ultimately, he absolutely loved it. I think this is evident from the awesome ride photo we got. (Sadly, Adam didn't ride. He wasn't feeling well that morning and sat this one out.)

Our next Fast Pass was at the Tower of Terror. Even though we'd ridden several times, we weren't going to pass another chance. Connor had already been telling us all week that it was one of his favorite rides, followed closely behind The Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain. Connor did NOT understand why Nana wouldn't ride it. She told him she never has before and always waits on us, and he told her how much she is missing out. He practically begged her to ride.

I was shocked when he convinced her to join us! What's crazy is that she loved it!! I'm so glad we have this photo of him riding with her.

After riding, we had to get some good photos in front with Nana to commemorate her first time on it!

We spent the next little bit taking in the Beauty and the Beast show before our Star Tours Fast Pass. Connor is really into Star Wars, so he loved this ride and seeing the Star Wars stuff they had around the park. 

We saw the Indiana Jones stunt show, the car stunt show (he loved that one!) rode all the other rides, and let him play on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. It was a pretty hot day so we had to take a few extra breaks than usual. I love this photo of Connor and Papa. That kid has his grandparents wrapped around his pinky.

We definitely rode the Tower of Terror a few more times before watching Fantasmic.

The park closed at 7:30 and there wasn't really another park open long enough after that to make it worth popping over somewhere else, so we headed back to the hotel and had a late dinner before crashing for the night. We were all sad that our time at Disney was almost over!

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