Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter Fun in the Smokies - Day 3

On Sunday morning in the Smokies, we woke up to a nice, sunny day. We packed up and checked out of our condo, and we headed down into Gatlinburg.

We went to The Log Cabin for breakfast//lunch, one of our favorite spots in town. Then, Meredith and our friends decided to head on back home.

Mom and I wanted to ride the tram up to Ober Galtinburg so we could see the views with the snow. We left the gentlemen at the bottom (they weren't up for the ride) and enjoyed taking it all in as we headed up.

When we got to the top, we couldn't believe how beautiful it was! I took a ton of pictures, but none of them really do it justice. We wandered around, and we chatted with an employee who told us it's really rare for the Smokies to get this kind of snow. I'm so glad we took the tram up and got to see the views.

When we got back, we found the boys and walked around town a bit more. I love that they still had their Christmas decorations up everywhere - it was so fun to see them all weekend.

We decided to head back home, thankful for a really fun weekend!

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