Sunday, March 26, 2017

2016 Summer Vacation to Tybee Island - Part 2

On Sunday, we woke up to another sunny, though windy, day. It was also Father's Day, so Connor and I had a few cards and a gift for Adam.

Daddy loved his new UT jersey with Peyton Manning's number!

We enjoyed a lot of the day out on the beach, but we took a small break to walk around some other little shops we hadn't checked out the day before.

We cleaned up after a full day of beach fun, and we drove into Savannah again for the evening. Since it was Father's Day, Adam got to pick our dinner spot and decided on Paula Deen's restaurant - The Lady and Sons. It was so good!!

As we finished eating, our waiter noticed we hadn't finished our cocktails yet and asked if we wanted him to pour them into a to go cup. Say what?! Apparently, you can walk around with drinks in Savannah. Who knew?

We walked around for a while and explored the area. Savannah is really charming, and Adam and I would love to go back sometime and spend a little time there either just us or maybe with friends.

After it got dark, we made our way back to the island and stopped again for ice cream/shaved ice before bed.

On Monday, we were able to spend the morning on the beach again before checking out of the hotel.

On our way out of town, we also drove over to see the lighthouse. It was neat!

Since we were still working our way through school, we didn't have time for a longer vacation. Nonetheless, this long weekend trip was the perfect getaway for some family fun this summer!

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