Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Kicking Off 2016 Summer

Adam started last summer with two small weekend trips. We always love getting away, even if just for a night or two. We have a ton of fun going on road trips, even when they're random like one of these.

First, we went down to Atlanta in late May to see Dave Matthews Band (you're not the least bit surprised, are you?)

Since we had spent a weekend there for the show last year and done a couple of activities, we decided to just go for one night and the show this time around.

However, we did have to go to Shake Shack once we got into town Saturday! We love this place we discovered in NYC, and the location in Atlanta is the closest one to us so we don't miss an opportunity to go anytime we're in town or driving through town. Delicious!

After dinner, we made our way over to the concert. As always, it did not disappoint and we had a great time enjoying our favorite band.

Sunday morning we slept in a bit before having lunch and heading back home.

A few weeks later, we went to Tunica. This was so super random for us. In April, we had a package from one of the casinos there in the silent auction. No one was bidding on it, so we had lowered the starting bid at one point in the evening. Adam decided to bid on it, and he won, haha! One of the things I love about our marriage is that we have so much fun together, and we can make almost anything into a good time.

We hit the road on a Friday after work, and we stopped in Memphis to have dinner. Before long, we crossed into Mississippi (our first time in the state) and found our hotel in Tunica.

We knew before we went that we probably wouldn't enjoy the casino all that much. For starters, we weren't planning to gamble much. More than that, we hate cigarette smoke... and these places are full of it. Nonetheless, we knew it'd be neat to see the different little casinos.

It was clear as we drove in that Tunica's hay day has ended - a lot of the casinos/hotels are closed. My grandparents always loved gambling, so I would hear stories of them going there a lot before their health declined. It was kind of neat seeing what they were talking about.

It was fairly late in the evening when we arrived, so we spent a few minutes playing some penny slot machines and having a drink before going to our room to watch tv.

On Saturday, we slept in. As in, we woke up at almost noon and were shocked. It had been a pretty tiring spring with my big event at work (I had worked a 90 hour week for the first time in my life leading up to it), and we both were in the thick of some of our final (and hardest) classes of grad school. It was worth the very small price we paid for the hotel package at the auction to get this kind of good sleep. We had seriously been out cold all night!

We did a little research and found that there is virtually nothing to do in the area. We had gotten excited when we found something about a riverboat tour and decided we would go do it - but it had closed quite some time ago.

So instead, we went to Waffle House and enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then went over to where the riverboat used to be and took in the views of the Might Mississippi.

We then drove to another town about 30-40 minutes away and went to see a movie. HA. Even though we weren't doing a ton that we couldn't do at home, it was still really fun to just be away from our normal world and spend time relaxing together.

We got back to the hotel in time to use our vouchers for the buffet dinner. We tried a lot of food, and none of it was all that great. Nonetheless, it was included so we filled our bellies and then hit the penny slot machines again to round out our evening.

We got up the next morning and made our way back home. All in all, it was a fun, random little weekend away, but I can't say we'll ever see any need to go back to Tunica.

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