Thursday, March 16, 2017

More Springtime Adventures 2016

As spring came to an end last year, we were still having some fun!

On Mother's Day, Adam and I went to church and then joined my family for lunch so that we could see my mom. We don't get to have Connor that weekend, but Adam gave me a very sweet card that Connor picked out for me. I also got some flowers! Being a stepmom is tough, and it made me feel so good to have my boys thank me for being a great mom. It was great to get to see my mom, too!

Not long after Mother's Day, I got to chaperone Connor's spring field trip. We had so much fun! First, we got to go on a boat ride. Connor's been on a boat with us a few times, but it was still fun to see how much he enjoys it!

Then, the kids got to zipline. Connor was a little nervous, but we talked about how much fun he would have and he climbed right on up. He loved it!

His last activity was archery. This was a bit tougher for him, but he still had fun giving it a try!

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