Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Race Report: MJMS 5K

Adam and I completed our March race on Saturday morning at the Mt. Juliet Middle School 5K. With running a race every month, we try to pick inexpensive races that are close to home so that we don't break the ole budget. It felt good to run one right here in our hometown and support our community!

We ran by the school on our way to the movies Friday night and easily picked up our race packets. I love when I can get them the night before so that we don't have to get to the race any earlier than necessary on race day.

It was about a 10 minute drive to the school on race day, and we knew it was probably wise to park at the school so that we could easily get in and out. The race itself was starting and finishing across the street at the park. We sat in the car for a few minutes since it was a chill 34 degrees outside, but we eventually made our way over so that we could use the bathroom and get ready for the start.

Though it was cold, it was a beautiful, sunny morning. I was thankful for the sunshine - it would have been a lot colder without it!

The race itself went fine. It was a nice little course through a neighborhood behind the school and park. It was a bit hilly, but we expect that around here. At minimum, it was less hilly than our own neighborhood where we regularly run. The bigger issue was the cold air. We haven't had much of the truly cold weather this year, so we haven't been used to breathing it in our lungs. We ran/walked the race, and we finished in 33:12. Adam got 4th in his age group, and I got 6th! Had I felt a bit more energetic and/or not been struggling with the cold air, I might have tried to push it to see if I could place.

Additionally, they did the age groups with 10 year brackets instead of 5-year brackets. Had they used normal age group brackets, I would have gotten 3rd and Adam would have gotten 2nd!

We grabbed some water, cooled down a bit, and then made our way out.

It was a pretty decent little race, and we may do it again sometime since it's so close to home. My one big beef with it was that the start/finish took place at park's entrance... and they didn't close it to cars. Cars were not only driving up and down right where runners were making their finishing sprints, they were also driving right through the main area where the race was staged and all the vendors had tables, etc.

I was really surprised that it had been set up this way. It was a HUGE safety liability, even with the police there trying to direct the traffic.

All in all, we had a great time, and we were glad to knock off our third race of the year!

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