Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Springtime Adventures 2016

Adam and I were pretty busy last spring with grad school, but we managed to find some time to have a few little adventures and enjoy the warmer weather.

I feel like this picture in particular shows how we just like to have fun wherever we go, even if it's just the grocery store!

We spent one Saturday in the spring checking out the Vanderbilt campus and Centennial Park when everything was starting to bloom. We also went inside The Parthenon, something I had never done before.

We also had an afternoon we spent in the 12 South neighborhood checking out all of the little shops and having a snack at The Flipside.

Another Saturday was spent at Connor's Pinewood Derby race. We were so proud of him for working hard on his car and doing his best. My boys are so handsome, too!

In late April, we were at my work event that I spent a LOT of time planning over the months leading up to it. It was my first time for this particular event, and it went so well. I also think we clean up pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

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