Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wedding Fun!

Adam and I spent a recent Saturday night at the wedding of one of my good friends. It is always so fun to see your girlfriends that you used to commiserate with about being single find her person and get married!

It was fun for us to have a reason to get all dressed up.

The wedding was at a beautiful church in Nashville, and it was a really sweet ceremony.

Then we made our way over to a nearby music school for the reception. We enjoyed some appetizers as we caught up with friends in the lobby for a bit.

Adam also had some fun with the decor.

We were let into the main room and got a table with some of our other friends and enjoyed a great evening. Dinner was delicious, the toasts were great, and the first dances were so sweet.  Then, we all joined in the dancing! Adam also had some more fun with the decor.

I love these friends so much. Many of my memories of my single days are with these people. We're all older now, and some of us are married. We all have more serious jobs now, and one of us doesn't even live here any more. Even though life looks a little different now and we're not altogether as often, these are still some very special friends. I'm glad we can always pick up where we left off.

And I'm so happy for Christina!

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Keri said...

You look great in that dress!