Friday, April 21, 2017

Adam's 31st Birthday

Last September, we celebrated Adam's 31st birthday!

We started the weekend by taking Connor to karate class. This is a new activity for little man this year, and he had just started going. It was fun to get to go for the first time and see him in action. He loves it!

After class was over, we made our way to Cinco de Mayo for dinner. Connor and I totally told the server it was Adam's birthday, so they sang to him, put whip cream on his face, and made him wear a sombrero. It was awesome. I love these two and how much fun we all have together!

The next day, we went to the MTSU v. Vanderbilt football game. It was Connor's first time going to a football game, so he was pretty excited. We grabbed some lunch in Hillsboro Village before making our way to the stadium to cheer on MTSU.

We saw less than half the game because a huge storm blew in, and they evacuated the stadium. We made it to the car right as the bottom fell out. We decided not to ride it out and made our way back home to eat dinner and watch the Tennessee game. We made the right call, as it was 3 hours before the resumed the game at Vanderbilt.

Since we were in for the night, we decided to have Adam open presents!

After presents, we cheered on Tennessee. I'm pretty sure they won whatever game was on that night, but thinking back on last season it was probably stressful and involved some yelling at the tv. HA! Yay for football in the south.

We were able to celebrate with Adam's mom and my parents and sister on Sunday. After a relaxing day at home, we met them all for dinner. There were a few presents, too!

I love our little family, and I love having all three of us together to celebrate important occasions like birthdays. I'm so thankful to do life with these two.

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