Saturday, April 1, 2017


Last July, Adam and I spent a long weekend going to West Palm Beach, FL to see Dave Matthews Band. We had been planning this for a few months, and this was sort of our vacation (just us) for the summer. It was just before our 3rd anniversary, so it worked out to be a way to celebrate. And again, we were still in grad school... so it was nice to get away, even if just for 4 days.

We hit the road on Thursday after work, excited for our trip!

We drove down just past Atlanta and spent the night, and then we hit the road again early Friday morning - but not before using some window chalk on the car. (Yes, we're cheesy like that!)

We got down to West Palm in time to check into our hotel and head over to the show. We had decent seats for night one, and boy was it HOT! This picture was taken before we became a sweaty mess.

The sunset was beautiful though!

We enjoyed a great show, our 17th together, before heading back to the hotel and crashing for the night.

We spent the next day on the beach, and it was GLORIOUS!

We enjoyed sitting on the beach and hanging out in the water all day before it was time to clean up and go to night two. We had even better seats that night!

It was another great show, and we got to hear some of our favorites during our 18th show together. I'm writing this at a time when we haven't seen another show since then, and they're not touring this year. However, Dave is touring with Tim Reynolds, and we managed to score tickets to both nights here in Nashville. We can't wait!

So our original plan was to spend Sunday on the beach before driving home on Monday, but on our way down Thursday evening we started thinking about a last minute change. We knew we were so close to Orlando, and we love Harry Potter World. We made some last minute decisions and changes, and we got up super early Sunday to drive back up to Orlando to spend the day at Universal Studios.

We had made plans to do a special anniversary dinner at a fancy Nashville steakhouse in a few weeks, but we cancelled that so that we could enjoy a day of butterbeer, meals, and other treats in the park!!

We spent a ton of time doing all of the Harry Potter stuff that we love. Long time blog readers may remember that we went in 2014 so that we could see the new (at the time) Diagon Alley. While this all wasn't new to us this time, we still loved exploring everything again! We even ate our meals at the two main Harry Potter restaurants so we could have the full experience for our day.

We did spend a little time exploring the rest of the park as it has some other great rides. I'm pretty excited for the new Jimmy Fallon ride and can't wait to go back sometime soon to check it out.

After exploring the other things we wanted to do in the park, we spent some more time doing Harry Potter stuff. If I remember right, we had like four butterbeers - each!

It was also neat seeing everything lit up at night before we left the park when it closed.

When we cancelled our last night in West Palm in order to spend this day at Universal, we booked a last minute room in Orlando. We headed there after the park closed, and we were up early the next day for the long drive back to Nashville.

If you've been following along, you know we love stopping at Shake Shack in Atlanta. When we realized we'd be going through there around dinnertime, we decided we had to stop in for a burger and cheese fries. Delicious as always!

We got home in time to go to bed so that we could get to work the next morning. While it was a quick long weekend with a lot of time on the road, we had a blast. It was a MUCH needed getaway in which we could focus on having some fun together. It was really fun to make our last minute changes, too. I love to plan things, but I also love being spontaneous with Adam. It was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary!

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