Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fall 2016 Fun

We had a ton of fun last fall, especially since we finished up grad school in late September (me) and early October (Adam)!

We saw Need to Breathe in concert at the downtown amphitheater. It was a great show!

I caught up with some former co-workers one evening.

We removed a tree in our front yard. I know this sounds terrible, but it was getting way too big. The root system was getting close to the sidewalk and driveway, and the limbs were starting to be a cause for concern if they fell on something. It's nice we can actually see the front of our house now!

Adam got us season tickets to Vanderbilt football games. We aren't true Vandy fans, but with him working there and us enjoying football it seemed like a fun way to spend some Saturday during the fall.

We also went to the MTSU Homecoming game and took Connor. I of course had to find the ADPi float!

Adam managed to score us tickets to see Adele when she was in town. It was tempting to sell the tickets and make a profit, but I never considered it too seriously. I was so glad we got lucky enough to get tickets, and great seats at that!

We were so close when she came out to the center!

It was really cool when it rained!

The confetti at the end was fun, too!

I also enjoyed Broadway being closed to traffic and stood in the middle of the road.

The TN Titans did a diaper drive for my organization, so Adam volunteered as we collected diapers before the game. Then we got to go inside and watch the game for a while!

We also went to a wedding!

All in all, it was a super fun fall!

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