Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tucker's 11th Birthday

Sunday (April 23) was Tucker's 11th birthday!

It was the day after my big event at work, so we enjoyed a pretty lazy day at home. We slept in, and Tucker stayed curled up in the bed with us. We went out to get some breakfast, but we came home and watched a movie with Connor. Tucker was curled up on the couch with us as we watched, and he was more than happy to nap with us when we decided to sleep while Connor played video games. He also enjoyed a nice pouch of wet cat food as a birthday treat!

It's hard to believe he's been with me almost 11 years. I adopted him when he was only 6 weeks old! He was so tiny! I often get asked how I named him, and it was something I didn't take lightly since I hoped he'd be with me for many, many years. He was a very active kitten, and he would play and play until he would literally fall over passed out. When I realized how quickly he would tucker out, I knew that was his name!

He's such a great cat. He's always been very cuddly and affectionate. In a lot of ways, he's like a dog - always at the door when we come home, follows us around all the time, etc. He's always been vocal and has a lot to say. He comes running when you call out the word "treat" and he plays fetch with some of his cat toys. It was just me and him until Adam and I moved in together, and fortunately he loves Adam and Connor tons (even though it's clear I'm his mama!).

I hope he has many more years and birthdays with us!

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