Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wrecking Crew Reunion 2016: Part 2

On Sunday of Wrecking Crew Reunion weekend, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before going out on a long walk around town. We explored the area as a group, including this cute little pier and lighthouse. As you can see by my hair, it was pretty windy.

Stephanie and Patrick had to head out after lunch, so we said our goodbyes. Then, we went to the beach with Amanda and Nick to enjoy a little more sunshine. The waves were pretty rough due to the wind, but it was still fun to play in the lake. (Granted, it was quite cold.)

After we went back in, we watched a movie together and then had dinner. It was so nice to just relax and hang out.

Amanda and Nick had to head to bed due to work in the morning, so we said goodnight and Adam and I enjoyed being on vacation a bit longer by watching tv for a bit before heading to bed.

On Monday morning, we woke up to the doggies. Good thing they're cute!

We said our goodbyes and then went on a little walk before we hit the road. It was really nice to get a little closer to the lighthouse, something we couldn't do the day before because the wind was knocking waves up on the pier.

We were really close to Notre Dame as we headed home, so we stopped and walked around campus for about an hour or so just to say we've been there.

As we drove through Indianapolis on the way home, we hopped off to go drive by our old place. While we're SO glad we don't live there any more, it was still fun to drive by it and around our old neighborhood and reminisce a bit. Tennessee is home, and we really didn't love living in Indy. Nonetheless, this house is the first one Adam and I ever lived in together, so it's a bit sentimental for sure.

While it was a pretty low key weekend, it was still a ton of fun! I love my girls, and I love that we can still find ways to make the occasional long weekend together happen - and that we can include husbands!!

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