Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Week in Florida

My birthday on the beach was a great start to a full week on the beach! The day after my birthday was Mother's Day. Unfortunately, I don't get to see Connor on this day anyways, so it was exciting to spend the day on the beach with Adam. We slept in and then went down the street to grab some deli sandwiches to have later for lunch.

Our resort had cabanas you could reserve for free, so we definitely took advantage.

We spent most of the day rotating between the ocean and the cabana. I got caught up on some magazines, and we enjoyed some good tunes via our bluetooth speaker. There was a giant inflatable slide on the beach, so we acted like kids and played on it for a while. Eventually, we made our way to the pool for a bit before heading over to check out the paddle boats.

There were swans in the little waterway! It was a pretty neat activity.

We had dinner that night at a local seafood spot where I got a free piece of key lime pie for being a mom. We got back in time to watch the sunset from our balcony. This is always my favorite time of day on the beach.

The next four days were work days. Adam had his conference sessions, and I was working remotely. I can't complain about working with a view though!

Adam's conference had receptions the first two nights, and I was able to tag along with him. It was fun to put on a summer dress and go enjoy some food and drinks with his people. We met people from all over the country! 

I enjoyed seeing the swans as we came and went most evenings, too.

We found some good spots for dinner each night, and we also spent time in the resort sports bar so we could watch the Predators in the playoffs a few different nights (we couldn't get the game in our room, lame). 

On Friday, the conference was over so Adam and I both took a day of PTO so we could spend another full day on the beach. We had another cabana and spent a ton of time either in the water, relaxing in the cabana, or playing on the slide.

We found another great spot for dinner that night and enjoyed another nice sunset.

On Saturday, we got up and checked out of our room/stored our luggage before heading to the beach for a few last hours. Time went by quickly, and we soon had to make our way to the airport and back home.

Tucker was THRILLED to see us Saturday night after we'd been gone for a week. We had a neighbor check in on him a couple of times, but he's really not used to being home alone for so long. Not only did he have a lot to say about it, he also stayed planted on us for several days!

Even though it wasn't a true vacation with us having to work four days, it was still so nice to get away from our normal life for a week. It got us really excited for the trips we have planned throughout the rest of the year!

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