Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Connor's First Tennessee Game

This past November, we took Connor to Knoxville for his first Tennessee game at Neyland Stadium.

While we didn't go to the game with our family members, a lot of them were there so we met up for a group photo before heading inside.

Connor was really tickled to see Meredith. He loves his aunt!

We got inside, and he was blown away by how large the stadium is! We'd taken him to one game at Vanderbilt and one at MTSU this season (his first two football games ever), but he just had no idea how much bigger Neyland would be!

He really enjoyed watching the band and the cheerleaders, hearing all of the cheers people in the stadium yelled, and seeing the fireworks and Smoky running across the field after each touchdown!

We had a ton of fun getting to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon watching our Vols win!

We met up with some family after the game to have dinner before making our way back down 40 to Nashville. Connor had a great time, and we love teaching him all about football in the south!

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