Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dolly in Concert

Just a few days after our weekend in Gatlinburg and our visit to Dollywood last fall, I saw that a friend had tickets for sale to see Dolly Parton in concert in Huntsville, AL.

I immediately showed it to Adam, and we made a quick decision to buy them and make the drive down for the show later two nights later. We both love her, and I had never seen her live (and Adam had only seen her at a show with multiple artists where she only did a few songs).

The show was on a Wednesday night, and Huntsville is about a 2 hour drive from Nashville. We had work and all, but I love that we're crazy enough to leave work, drive to another state to see a show, and drive back that same night to be at work in the morning. It reminds me a lot of when we did the same exact thing in 2009 to see a DMB show in Atlanta.

We left work, made the drive down, and found a pub in Huntsville to grab some dinner before heading to the show.

I was so excited! Dolly Parton holds a special place in my heart. I had several cassettes of her albums when I was like Connor's age, and I've just grown up knowing and loving her. I also loved watching her Christmas special that she did in the 80s that I had taped to a VHS and would pull out each year, In fact, I went on to make Adam watch it with me this year on Christmas Eve when we were at my parents (since they still have a VCR).

Anywho, the concert was amazing. I literally cried during a few songs. They just reminded me so much of my childhood, and some of them reminded me of my grandparents.

She did so many great classics and some of her newer stuff as well. I loved every minute!!

The show ended pretty late, and then we made the drive home. I'm pretty sure we got all of like 5 hours of sleep before getting up for work the next day. It was a struggle to get through the next day, but it was totally worth it! I'm so glad we got the chance to see her perform live!!

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