Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Graduation and Dave Matthews Weekend

This past Saturday, Adam and I had our graduation ceremony for our Master degrees!

We started celebrating Friday evening with some tacos and margaritas since it was Cinco de Mayo, followed by a few bakery treats.

Saturday morning, we were up early to get to campus in our caps and gowns for the ceremony. Even though we finished in the fall and received our diplomas in December, it still felt exciting to have a little pomp and circumstance to mark the end of this chapter in our life.

The ceremony was a pretty typical graduation. It was long and boring, and then we each had our 15 seconds or less of walking across the stage, haha.

My mom managed to get this fun photo once we had both walked.

After we were done, we snapped a few family photos on campus. Rain was moving in quickly, so we wanted to get some pictures and get back home.

We got a good one of the two of us. I love that we got to do this together!

We got one with my folks. They were so proud, and I'm thankful they both got to see this!

We of course got one with Connor. I know the ceremony was boring for him, but it was a big deal to us for him to see us graduate.

We got a bunch of other ones, and that of course included this one.

We went home and took a few more before it started raining, and we headed to lunch with our family. After that, we were exhausted so we took a nap!

That evening, Adam and I had tickets to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. It was the perfect way to celebrate. The venue is so neat with the Nashville skyline behind it!

It was a bit cool that night, so Dave had on a scarf. We bundled up a bit, but it didn't keep us from having a great time enjoying the show!

We also managed to get a copy of the show's poster. It was so awesome with the Nashville skyline.

On Sunday, we slept in to recover from a busy day. Adam and Connor went to see Guardians of the Galaxy II that afternoon, and then we surprised Connor with a ticket to go with us that night to see the second show of Dave and Tim. It was his first Dave show, and he was so excited!

We got there in plenty of time to get a copy of that night's poster and get a great front row seat in the lawn section.

We hung out and were thankful that it was warmer than the night before, especially since Connor was with us. He was excited when Dave and Tim took the stage.

It was a beautiful night, and the show was even better than the night before. We loved the scenery, too!

A very sweet couple behind us all evening snapped these next two photos. They tapped us on the shoulder at one point to tell us they hoped it wasn't creepy, but that they had taken them because they're parents and knew this was a sweet moment. They wanted to text them to us. I thought it was so sweet. It was during a song where Adam and I had reached over to hold hands, and Connor reached up from where he was sitting on the ground to hold on, too.

It was a great night, and Connor told us the next morning that the concert was his favorite part of the weekend! We want to take him to a full band show sometime, but we felt like this was a good warm up for him.

He was also excited to get his very own Dave t-shirt for the first time!

The weekend was rounded out by some beautiful flowers my boys gave me as an early Mother's Day gift! I don't get to see Connor on Mother's Day, so it was fun to get these early and to be able to enjoy them all weekend (and all week!)

It was such an awesome weekend!!

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