Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mom's 60th Birthday

In October 2016, my mom celebrated her 60th birthday.

On her actual birthday, we were able to take her to dinner after taking Connor to his karate class. She was excited he was able to join us, and we had a nice evening and gave her the presents we had picked out for her.

What she didn't know is that a few days later we'd be throwing her a surprise party!

My sister came up with the idea, and we spent time planning and inviting all the people we knew she'd appreciate having there.

When the big day rolled around, Meredith came over early to bake a cake and help decorate. We also went to get all sorts of food so Adam could grill for everyone.

The guests started arriving, and we had them park by the neighborhood pool and call us to come shuttle them up to our house. We live on a cul-de-sac, so we knew there was no way we could have everyone park on our street without her recognizing some cars.

We had invited my parents to come out to go to dinner with us, so mom just thought she was coming over to see Adam, Connor and me and have dinner. Dad was in on it, but fortunately we managed to keep it a secret from mom.

What I didn't know was that she had decided that day to clean out a closet and bring me all my old prom and formal dresses, so she came walking in with an armful of them. She was SO surprised when she came around the corner and saw about 30 people in our living room.

She did decide to drop the dresses as she took it all in, haha!

We were really pleased to pull off the surprise. She loved it! Later that evening I learned that other than maybe 1 or 2 small ones when she as a child, she's never really had a birthday party.

She spent the evening chatting with all of her guests - it was a lot of her lady friends (plus spouses), some people from church, and her best friend she's known since she was 4 and her family (who honestly is really like family to all of us). We ate, we laughed, and we had a champagne toast. We ended the evening with birthday cake!

It was so fun to surprise her in this way, and I'm glad we pulled it off!

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