Monday, May 22, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

Connor was with us for Thanksgiving 2016, and we had a pretty nice holiday!

I was able to take that Wednesday off from work to hang out with Connor, and I took him to a pottery painting place to make Christmas ornaments for family members.

On Thanksgiving, we had our family over to our house. Adam's brother was even able to join us from Arkansas, which meant we of course went on the back deck to shoot BB guns and air guns into the woods behind the house. (We live in the south. Don't be surprised. When we go to his brother's house, we shoot real guns in his back yard, ha!)

My dad's birthday is right around Thanksgiving, and this year it was about 2 days after the holiday. Connor was pretty excited to give him a birthday card!

Connor loves Aunt Meredith, and they spent time playing with the GeoSafari we got him. Anyone else remember those?

Connor also loves Uncle Tony. He is pretty awesome.

Here's the Riddick family with our Thanksgiving spread.

For dessert, we had birthday cake for Papa! We opted for his favorite carrot cake!

My Grandma had gone to the hospital a few days before Thanksgiving, so my parents left soon after dinner to go see her and take her a plate of some Thanksgiving dinner.

Connor and Gram stayed at the house while Adam, me, Tony, and Meredith went out downtown! I've honestly never been out on a holiday, and it was super fun. Not everywhere was open, but it was so nice going to some of the hot spots around town and it not being all that crowded. It was pretty fun being two brothers and two sisters out on the town.

The next day, we took Gram and Tony to Waffle House before breakfast, and then they each had to hit the road back to their homes.

We really don't get to see Tony all that often, so it was fun getting the Riddick men together!

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