Sunday, June 4, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Connor had Memorial Day weekend with us this year, so we managed to find a few ways to have some fun!

The grownups still had to work on Friday, so Connor entertained himself by reading and playing with his toys. Once I was able to wrap up work, I took him down to our neighborhood pool for the first time this season. He was SO excited! The water was not warm enough for me, so I sat on the side and enjoyed the sun as he did about 100 cannonballs in the hour we were down there.

That evening we made some hot dogs and watched a movie. On Saturday, the weather was gloomy with storms off and on. We decided to just relax and enjoyed a lazy day around the house. Connor played some, but we also all enjoyed watching some Harry Potter movies and going to our favorite mexican restaurant for dinner.

On Sunday, we opted to sleep in a bit and then cooked a delicious breakfast. We needed to run a few errands, so we got out and about for a bit. That evening, we had dinner with my parents and sister to finally celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday (since Adam and I had been out of town for both).

After dinner, we gave mom her gift. She loved her new bag!

My sister and I like to be silly, and Tucker has to sniff all the new things in his home.

My parents and sister gave me a couple of new clothing items and an Instant Pot! I am pretty excited about learning how to use it and make delicious food! (You know you're getting older when you are excited to get a vacuum and a pressure cooker as birthday gifts!)

On Monday, we were all feeling a little restless from being cooped up inside due to rainy weather. It was a nice day, so we went and had breakfast at Chick-fil-A. Thanks to having several treats in our apps, we were able to all three eat for $1.08!

After breakfast, we made our way to the Nashville Zoo. We love having a membership so that we can head over there anytime we want to spend a few hours walking around outside. It's also great because they're adding new exhibits this year, so it's easy to go check them out.

Last month, a new spider monkey exhibit opened, so we were excited to see it. It was really neat how they built this rope bridge through the trees that you can walk across.

Adam and I thought it was pretty neat, too.

We got to see the monkeys being pretty active while we were at their exhibit.

We always love the kangaroo exhibit, too. We lucked out and one was sleeping in the path, so we were able to pet him. They're surprisingly soft!

After we got back from the zoo, we decided to head down to the pool again. It was a bit cloudy, and I enjoyed reading my book in a lounge chair while little man had a blast in the water. When it was time to dry off, he told me he was pretending to be a witch.

We had a friend over that evening to watch the Predators game. We were bummed they lost, but we enjoyed grilling some burgers and hanging out together.

On Tuesday, it was back to work for the grownups. Connor had some more fun playing at home, and then we all spent the evening together having dinner and going out for ice cream! Connor had to head to his other home Wednesday morning, so it was nice to enjoy a few hours just the three of us having some fun to round out this stretch of his time home!

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