Saturday, June 10, 2017

Race Report: May and June Neighborhood 5K's

In our quest to run a race every month in 2017, Adam and I are also trying to balance all of the other activities we want to do this year. This means we've hit a season during which some of the available race options either take place on a date we can't participate or the ones on dates we're free are pricier than we'd like to pay.

We decided that when this happens, we'll do a 5K in our neighborhood. We know it's not the same as a race, but we figured we'd treat them the same way by eating right the night before and getting some good rest. We'd also be serious about getting ready for the run and doing our best.

May was a busy month with graduation, my birthday and Mother's Day, our trip to Florida, and Memorial Day weekend with Connor. We found the only morning that would work, got up early, and did a very hilly and humid 5K around our neighborhood.

Seriously, the hills are intense. We hadn't been running as much lately with so much going on, so we weren't surprised we had to walk a lot of the hills. It took us around 37 minutes to get it done, and we were a hot, sweaty mess. When summer hits in Tennessee, it's no joke.

June's another busy month, especially with Connor home a lot, so we needed to do our June 5K early in the month. This time, we had to make an afternoon work. It wasn't ideal, but the point is to just get it done.

It was much hotter and we still walked the hills, but we finished a minute faster than the one we'd done for May a week before!

I probably should've taken some pictures to make it feel more like a true race for us, but in the end all that matters is we got it done.

We plan to work harder throughout the summer with running and other exercise. I've been doing Beachbody workouts since purchasing their On Demand program online, and Adam joined our local Planet Fitness in order to lift weights. His membership allows a guest any time, so we save money by me going sometimes as his guest whenever I want to do some weights.

It feels good to finally be finding a fitness groove. It's taken us a while since setting out to do better at the beginning of the year, and we still have a ways to go to reach our goals. Nonetheless, I'm proud of us and our progress!

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