Saturday, July 1, 2017

Christmas in July: Decorations!

In working through catching up on blogging the year of 2016, all I have left now is Christmas. So I've decided that I'll do Christmas in July and share about last year's holidays throughout this month!

First up - decorations!

I LOVE decorating our house for Christmas. Since Connor was home for Thanksgiving this year, we spent the day after turkey day decorating inside and outside of our house. I like adding a little something each year, and for 2016 we splurged a bit and bought a Christmas village. Connor helped Adam set it up in our dining room.

This Christmas village is actually a replica of Lynchburg, TN and the Jack Daniels Distillery. We are born and bred Tennesseans, so this is a good fit for our dining room where we have a ton of prints of Nashville sights.

Tucker helped us with checking the lights to go outside! I didn't take a picture of them this year, but we draped our bushes and front porch rails with lights and garland with lights.

We got the tree up, and I was pleased with how it came together.

We got all of the stockings hung up on the fireplace.

We placed other decorations around the house.

And we put a small tree in the front window. I'd LOVE to have our main tree in the front bay window, but that's our office... which doesn't really scream Christmas morning to me, so the main tree stays in the living room.

I love seeing our home decorated for Christmas. It always makes everything feel so cozy!

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