Thursday, July 13, 2017

Race Report: July Neighborhood 5K

This past Saturday, Adam and I knocked out our July race by running a 5K in our neighborhood. This is the third month in a row now that we have done our "race" by going for a 5K run around our subdivision. We just haven't had many great race options that were budget friendly, so we're continuing to just make it work.

We took it easy on Friday night, getting to bed at a pretty decent time what with being worn out from work and all. To be honest, we were still really tired from a late night on that Tuesday for the 4th of July (post about that to come soon). We decided to not set an alarm and just see what happened.

We woke up around 8am, got dressed, and headed outside. It was pretty cloudy, so the heat wasn't as bad as it could have been. However, the July humidity had arrived in all its force. We were sweating almost immediately, and we were definitely running slower as a result of being warm and sticky.

Not being an actual race, there's not a lot to report on. We ran a lot, but we did take some walk breaks as well as walked up the big hill. We're slowly but surely getting ourselves into better shape, but we definitely have a ways to go.

We finished up in a little under 37 minutes. It's not a great time by any means, but I was proud of us for getting out there and doing it.

It's looking like we'll be doing our August race in the same manner, and honestly it's very possible we'll do it this way for September as well. We like our goal of running a race every month to help keep us running regularly, but it was just starting to get too expensive. I like our modified goal just fine, especially since we're also both working out in other ways, too. We sometimes go to the gym to lift weights, and I also have been doing some of the Beachbody workouts since I got Beachbody On Demand.

At the end of the day, the whole point of our goal was to get ourselves back into shape/decent fitness this year after getting out of shape while we were in grad school. We have more room for improvement, but it's nice to see some progress!

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Julie said...

I like how you are getting creative and sticking to your goal of one race a month!